In the Balkans a car is more than a simple vehicle. A car is an essential element of man’s life, and a man speaks a lot about his car.

In the capital’s cafe’s, when the conversation lingers to mechanics, two visions of the world collide: the BMW drivers and the BENZ owners. When that happens the other must stay silent.

It is also true that cars on Albanian roads are old, mainly imported second hand from the west, and often in a bad shape. This explains the large number of scrap yards for cars spread out in the countryside. In fact the quest for replacement parts is truly a national sport in Albania.

We explored these fascinating places in search of innovative materials for new desings. We found car bonnets that reveal extraordinary patterns on the hidden side once the structure is removed.

We came up with the idea of using them when we met two brothers, lovers of design and highly qualified sheet metal workers, a job they learned the hard way during emigration in Italy. They did hesitate to produce a range of chairs with such an unpredictable material.

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Perqafoj bench

car-bonnet-chairs chairs

Small Perendim Perqafoj bench

car-bonnet-chairs chairs

Llamarinaq chair

car-bonnet-chairs chairs

Chair M.

car-bonnet-chairs chairs