Po ! Paris was founded in 2008 accepting a challenge : create new designs produced in countries forgotten by global trade using local know how and materials.

Accidental encounters between different cultures to create new, unexpected designs.

It was during a trip in Albania, when we came up with an idea for a new collection of small furniture and chairs, inspired by icons of design, but made in upcycled metal sourced in the backyard of a gipsy blacksmith.

Albanian people are proud of their long history of highly qualified craftsmanship. This first experience led to more encounters : local artisans, full of passion for their craft, intrigued by our challenge and ready to use their traditional know-how for contemporary designs.

The texture and colour variations, the traces of the past lives of often up-cycled materials, all contribute to give that special feel of handmade unique pieces.

Coordination between the various producers and quality control at the source is taken care of by a local association leading projects for empowerment through handicraft.

A progressive social dimension that we believe is an essential part of our identity ensuring a well balanced development process.

Aurelie’s thoughts

mixed-techniques tapestries wall-decoration

Mixt techniques cushions covers