We are working on differents techniques to make our rugs always the most alive and faithful to our originals patterns, which are drew by or collaborators.

Thanks to our talented weaver, we success to obtain two differents mateers :

-Flat woven


And some others, are the resultat from a mix of both : flat woven on the background and the pattern is knotted on. We call it the “technique mixt”.

Knotted Rug “Aurélie’s waves”

aurelie-mathigot-en knotted-rug

“Nathalie’s birds” rug

mixed-techniques nathalie-rugs

Nathalie’s small flowers rug

mixed-techniques nathalie-rugs

Tiny rug, knotted flower


Aurélie Mathigot’s pattern

aurelie-mathigot-en knotted-rug knotted-rugs

Acanthe Kilims


Kub Kelems


Chevrons Sauvages by Philippe Model

knotted-rug knotted-rugs rugs-phm

Colour Mix by Philippe Model

knotted-rug rugs-phm