Since 2008 Po ! Paris has been knitting and mixing techniques giving birth to a wide range high end objects made in countries off the beaten track.

Following the principles of sustainable development we have decided to work in partnership with local associations dealing with gender issues and development of micro enterprises in the handicraft sector.

The process is based on a collaborative philosophy between designers and artisans using local materials.

All locally available materials can be used, with up-cycling being is part of the process when it is coherent with the designs. Car bodies or coffee sacks, felt or wool or even bark, all that makes sense can be freely used to compose a new product.

Many of our projects promote empowerment of female workers on a cooperative basis. We create the necessary contacts with non governmental organisations when help is needed in creating new workshops and acquiring special equipment.

Entirely hand made each one of our products is unique. The result of a long and precise work following strict quality control processes.

Resulting from inter-cultural exchanges of our global world, driven by a strong belief in humanistic ideals, we believe our products not only carry the signature of Parisian elegance, but also have a story and a soul.

©Photo Mark Eden Schooley