Mobile «Q.» Grand – 9 suspensions (Clair)

We developed a mobile with Mark Eden Schooley using 9 “Tirana Q.” lamps, all attached to one single cable, simplifying the electrical connection.
The lamps are linked by metal tubes adjustable in height. The tubes are detachable to reduce transport costs. Contact cup, hook and connectors provided as well as a 2m cable.
The suspensions are joined by cream-coloured wooden rods of adjustable height allowing a variety of compositions.
The rods are detachable for easy transport.

Câble textile rond, douille E27 en porcelaine. Connectique et fiche blanche fournis.
The developed mobile measures approximately 100x100cm and 150 cm in height. A minimal ceiling height of 290cm is required for perfect placement over a table but we can set the mobile for lower ceilings. It’s also possible to give you a canopy to substitute the contact cup. This configuration is adapted for when you know the height you want the lamp to be and when the electric is at the vertical side of the pendant point.

Designer : John Felici & Mark Eden-Schooley
Dimensions : 100×100 cm
Hauteur : Bespoke :
Code :
Composition : laine feutrée d’Albanie, bois et métal

Boîte de connexion en céramique blanche. Référence :  T09QLS1

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm